Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Video: @JamieJermaine1 - From Atlanta starring @AnayaRoderick via @iamsilviav_

New visuals Jamie Jermaine drops off the visual set for his latest record, “From Atlanta.” It’s a romantic record from Jermaine, who croons of a beautiful lil’ ting while making his way through the dimly-lit streets of Atlanta, adding up to a great track with a nice visual to match. Keep an eye out for more from him soon as he prepares his impending project, which is without a release date and title for now.

Julia Knight - "Ghost Of You" | @JuliaKnight

There’s something to be said for resonance. That instant when your ears start to tingle, the hairs on the back of your arm stand on end, and electricity hangs so heavy in the air that you could reach out and touch it. When those moments happen, it’s like catching lightning in a bottle. That’s Julia Knight.

 The Nashville-based songstress has been electrifying Music City, working to bring that spectral spark into every second of her music. Her first single, “Ghost Of You,” weaves hazy dream-soaked synths and star-drenched production with cascading hooks and billowing sonics.

At once ceaselessly powerful and beautifully vulnerable, this haunting debut winds it way through melodies that are as artful as they are hooky. Topped off with Julia’s effortless vocal prowess, there’s a surefire smash built into the song’s very DNA that’s guaranteed to stick with you from the very first listen.

 "Ghost of You is about falling in love all over again and about the places that I believe love can take you. It's about that one person you never could quite get over, and maybe to be honest you don't totally want to. I'm so stoked for everyone to finally hear the things I've been keeping under wraps for over a year and so excited for people to roll their windows down, turn the volume up, and jam out to this one.” - Julia Knight
source: KLUTCH

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Certified Outfit Ft King Sonny - "Down 2 Ride" @CertifiedOutfit @lilsonny4

Spokane, Washington dual effort Certified Outfit presents the official video for "Down 2 Ride", featuring chorus assistance from King Sonny. An ideal record for late night cruising, Swindle and Church exercise potent wordplay over a saucy West Coast themed instrumental, also self-produced by Church. With high expectations already set within their circle, Certified lands a one-two punch with the accompanying video presentation.

Landoe for Vivid Visual Films utilizes a dusky skyline to open the visual with that is preceded by pretty woman, old school cars and a house party environment. That on top of Outfit's performance gives viewers vivid clarity of what it actually means to be certified. With the video debut, an announcement was also made stating that the fellas are planning to drop not one but two projects. One is a mixtape by the name of "Bulletproof Love" and the other is a sequel to their previously released "The Outfit" album, so stay tuned for those. Get familiar with Certified Outfit's "Down 2 Ride" below and check out their last project, "True Grit", afterwards.


Twoface Artiste-Lil Uzi Vert Diss

Monday, September 26, 2016

Myohwar - 'Floodsong' | @myohwarmusic @TheAandRDept

Masterfully reconciled polyrhythms and intriguing layers of rock instrumentation instruct the ear to receive a genuinely new aesthetjc in ambient music.” - The Akademia on Myohwar's “The Stillwater Skies”

Conceived in a small yet intimate bedroom studio towards the end of 2015 and drawing influence from the likes of Pink Floyd, Tame Impala and Mogwai, Myohwar has begun to stretch its geometrically incorrect, psychedelic tentacles out to grasp at the minds and ears of innocent neighbours and radio stations the world over. An instrumental journey into Myowhar’s heavy ambient world, the latest single, ‘Floodsong’, lives up to its name by flooding the listener with an entrancing sonic atmosphere ever evolving around a solid, electrifying pulse.

“I stumbled across the theme of this song on a somewhat stormy day, my vision was to capture the brooding feeling of the intensifying rain and the explosive nature of the distant thunder,” says Jordan, creator of Myohwar project.

While the music is predominately guitar based, the project contains an eccentric mix of instrumental styles and sounds ranging from Rock and Heavy Metal musings to Eastern, Shoegaze and Improvisation akin to free form and Jazz styles of music. The polyrhythmic undercurrents, wrapped in layers of hypnotic, ambient textures and dreamy electronic soundscapes are full of surprise and near impossible to mark down to any traditional genre of music out today.

Myohwar is set to commence work on a debut EP scheduled for release later this year, with plans of introducing a live show in support. Until then, you can catch Myohwar's music on Soundcloud, Reverbnation and Facebook.

Floodsong' was recorded in its entirety in the bedroom studio of the musical projects brainchild Jordan Roth. It was mixed by Steven Kronberger at Foxhole Studios, Perth, and mastered by Simon Struthers of Forensic Audio Mastering.

“Floodsong” by MYOHWAR will be released 30th of September 2016

Social Media @myohwarmusic

Sunday, September 25, 2016

ShowTime419 - "Chasing Dreams"

Richmond Kwarteng (born January 22. 1995) also known by his stage name Showtime419, is an American rapper from Alexandria, Virginia! Follow him on Twitter & Instagram @ShowTime419 and on Facebook: Highway.richmond! All business contact: 202-910-8228 tags: #VA #ighway #AVA #DMV #419 #ChasingDreams. Video Shot by LVCHLD

Taiyamo Denku Ft Big Twins & Urban Legend - "Where We Live" @TaiyamoDenku @Dcypha

Wasting no time after last month's audio release of "Gutter Noise", Cypha Den Music frontman Taiyamo Denku and newly inked CDM artist Urban Legend present "Where We Live". Directed by St. Pennz & edited by Empne, the duo connect Milwaukee and Queensbridge with the help of Infamous Mobb's own, Big Twins.

For those unfamiliar to Taiyamo, he has an extensive list of music that includes an impressive list of collabs, earning him the moniker of Collab King. With a unique voice and wide range of vocabulary, Denku's approach is perfectly balanced by the gritty vocals of Big Twins and closed out by the fluid delivery of Urban Legend. The old school constructed production is provided by Australia's Dcypha, who also is co-owner of the Cypha Den Music imprint. The song is currently a loose single but will be featured on Legend's upcoming CDM debut. Press play and preview "Where We Live" now.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Road Trip 2016 - The Digital Culture @NickieLeeRose via @iamsilviav_

Four friends from New York City turned an interesting idea into something real. They decided to take a road trip to California. This was just something that they had seen in movies or heard stories from other adventurous and free lived people. Not only did they do it for the chance to take, but more so for The Culture. So many people today rarely get the opportunity to explore outside of their country, region, state, city, or even their neighborhood. Many of those people come from where they come from. Several others have never seen so many acres of green land with other animals roaming freely. Believe it or not, some did not think it was possible to drive from New York City to Los Angeles, but they did it.
To them, there is no place like New York City.
Take the trip with The Digital Culture as they share with you the time they spent on the road along with the moments they spent in 5 cities.

International Maverick '' NORTH POLE GOD''

International Maverick '' NORTH POLE GOD''

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Video: MyNameIsDrew (@mynameisdrew1) - Where I Been via @iamsilviav_

Where I Been This is MyNameIsDrew's introduction to the world. He'll tell you a little bit about who he really is on this one. 
Follow Now 
IG: @mynameisdrew_ 
Twitter: @mynameisdrew1

@obreezthedon1 ( Like Water ) Paradise Lost 1993Tape via @iamsilviav_

Obreeze is an upcoming MC Coming Straight out of Jersey. He's giving the world a piece of his mind and dropping bars as he shows you what he's encountered in life. He says his Job is to be a reporter and bless the mic while showing his audience what Hip Hop is suppose to sound like

Find him on instagram @obreez twitter (@obreezthedon1) via @iamsilviav

New Music: B-Koo - Can We Talk


B-Koo is making major impact with this new single "Can We Talk".

B-Koo aka Brenton Brooks was born in Anahiem California and grew up in Southern California. Both his mom and Dad were raised in Los Angeles. After living the street life and selling Cocaine his father was shot. Luckily he survived and he decided to move to Northern California to get away from the Los Angeles gangs drugs and violence.

Little did know that the Bay Area had just as much drugs and violence. At the age of 8, B-KOO was trying cigarettes and experimenting with weed, but always maintained good grades in school and excelled in Football and Basketball in high school. Choosing not to go to college B-KOO took up the street life and began selling drugs himself. He became well known from Oakland to San Francisco and all over the Bay Area. Any drug you can think of he sold it. B-Koo was the true definition of a hustler. In 2013 he was, raided by the police and was charged with trafficking and had multiple marijuana grow houses shut down. After paying his debt to society he is back on the grind in the music industry and plans to take it by storm.

IG: bkookingofcali
Twitter: bkookingofcali

New Music: St Jude "Pain Perry"

Check out new music from St Jude, as he releases his "Pain" track.

New Mixtape: Tazz (@MrMagNum4her) - Before I Take Off

Straight outta Harlem ready to carry the torch with his own unique type of flow... Tazz from Lenox AV has proven with his determination and talent to stand out wherever he performs ... Tazz has performed in different Clubs all over NYC such as CityScapes, Heavens, Traphouse, Etc. also have been on various Shows like Non-Fiction radio in NJ, City College Radio nyc, etc.

With his debut Project "Before I Take Off" the mixtape the unsigned artist Tazz will be putting it all on the line for his city...

IG: @The_Real_Tazzmanian
YouTube Channel: Th3ftTv
Facebook: Daheem Salley
Twitter: MrMagNum4her

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

@Jon__o ft @RaYybancash "For Us" Starring @laperla___ directed by @WillieHUNGRYMAN via @iamsilviav_

Last week NYC Hip-Hop artist Jon O released the visuals to his latest single "For Us" ft @dirtycashrayyban directed by The Hungry Man @WillieHUNGRYMAN. The video captures the beautiful @La.Perla slipping something in both Jon & Rayy's drinks & snatches their jewels. You then see why she did it! A mother walking out of a pawn shop exchanging the jewelsfor money, while staring at her phone watching her younger son smiling on a swing. Giving us an overall impression that she might've been thinking (I'll do what I have to do) "For Us".
Jon O Has been working on his next project 'Stating The Obvious' set to release this fall. He's been stirring up the city with his latest single "Give Me Mine" produced by Chris Prythm, peaking at #48 on the Audiomack best single charts.
He decided to treat his fans September 30th with a stash of old un-released/ un-mastered goodies & throwing them on a mixtape he's titling 'Before I Was iLL'. Jon's word play and lyricism has definitely been impressing & giving us that New York familiar sound we all love again.
  Make sure to continue and look out for him - @iamsilviav
Follow Him On Instagram/Twitter @Jon__O
To book your next studio session with NYC top engineer contact @SloppyJoeBeat

Monday, September 19, 2016

[Mixtape] @smoovatl The Smooovie hosted by DJ SUCH N SUCH #Smooovie

After the Success of his single "Goin" Mystics Entertainment artist Smoov ATL wanted to Feed the Streets with nothing but pure fire over legendary industry beats hosted by none other that DJ SUCH N SUCH AKA SUCH The God. This Mixtape Properly titled "The Smooovie" is the perfect appetizer as he prepares to release a full project to end off 2016.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dori Gold Ft. P3S0 (@xdrippingoldx) - Nasty (Prod. by Will Savage ) via @iamsilviav_

Drippin Gold, a group of artist based out of Queens, New York ! 
Dori Golds new single " Nasty " ft . P3S0 (prod. By Will Savage)

Monday, September 12, 2016

New Music: Hop Cashay Feat Vado "Young King"


Check out new music from Hop Cashay featuring We The Best own Vado, Young King.

INF! - Celebrate(Feat. DV Alias Khryst, Eastside Ea$¥ & Shée Blue)

Video: @Jon__O - Lemons (Produced By @AmsterdamDidIt) via @iamsilviav_

Before Beyonce gave us her hit single 'Lemonade', NYC Hip-Hop artist Jon O brought us "Lemons" collaborating with the talented producer AmsterdamDidIt.

"When Life Hands You Lemons You Squeeze To The Very Last Drop
& You Drink To The Very Last Straw"

Even though it might be old to some, Jon O has been stirring a buzz straight out of Soundview Projects for a while. Everyone has been asking for more. You can tell that the gritty streets of New York and a share of life obstacles have molded him into bringing hunger to his sound & creativity. His flow is probably one of the best lyrically I've heard in a while, giving me that classic NY sound feeling.

He's working on a new project "Stating The Obvious" set to be released fall 2016 but before that, He will be giving his fans a small mixtape naming it "Before I Was iLL". A project put together of some old & some unheard sounds where you will definitely see the growth musically. He will be dropping that any day now.

I've been saying it for months now, make sure to look out for him! They say word of mouth is your biggest marketing tool & if you know me or follow me on social media you know music plays a very important role in my life. Jon O is not only talented & marketable he's giving you the real him on every project. Artist like that need to be heard, in a state of music where everything seems to be watered down I can appreciate his story - Silvia V

Sunday, September 11, 2016

#Sale Book Your Next Video Shoot With NYC's hidden secret @Hailchri5_ via @iamsilviav_

"A Quiet Personality, With A Loud Mind "

Just a Young Entrepreneur From the Bronx, NY. @allhailchri5 has been filming since 2010. He's filmed from Music videos to Short films and Mini Documentaries. He makes sure all my projects are unique towards his Clients, he can create any environment possible. His Cinematography speaks for itself and he films Aerial footage as well to reach un-imaginary angles.

Let him turn your vision into Fruition.

To see more of his work click on the link below


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dori Gold Ft. P3S0 (Drippin Gold) - Nasty (Prod. by Will Savage ) via @iamsilviav_

Drippin Gold , a group of artist based out of Queens, New York ! Dori Golds new single " Nasty " ft . P3S0 (prod. By Will Savage) ,

Atlas [@XATLASHIPHOPX] - I Love Being Black via @iamsilviav_ @svmarketings

 Artist, Atlas is working on a entitled project ‘Progress The Motive”. As a lyricist he aims to bring different subjects and issues to the table to help expand the conversation. He's an activist for the people, and not just his local community or state. He aims for a message to stretch across the “Atlas”. His Goal is to expand and promote his voice and message on a major scale with major distribution.

On this project Atlas celebrates the people with “I Love Being Black” so often we associate white with good and black with bad, as if black is the color of sin which is profound and ridiculous. This mentality was conditioned throughout western civilization, language, and cultures.

 In Western societies conquest of mass media, it imported its racist views across the globe regarding black as evil and good as white or pure. There’s an intentional pattern here as regards to white people and black people as race. As martin Luther king said “I want to get the language so right that everyone here will cry out: Yes, I’m Black, I’m proud of it. I’m Black & I’m beautiful!” Bold and proud Atlas verse goes off from the gate.“Black out! Coming from the Black house, with my Black cat, strapped like the Black panthers. Black Jordan’s, Black Outfit, Gifted like the Black Santa. Different, I Got Black Answers!"

IG: AtlasHipHop 
YouTube: AtlasTheOriginal 
Fb: AtlasRealHipHop

Friday, September 9, 2016

#NewMixtape: @prez_primo - G.O.O.N.S.T.A.R. via @iamsilviav_

"G.O.O.N.S.T.A.R." showcases a variety of styles and emotions, while at the same time maintaining its own original sound. The entire project was mixed and recorded over the process of two years at ECR Studio in the Bronx, NY. The mixtape's title actually stands for "Graceful-One-Out-Nightly-
Strugglin-Takin-All-Risks". Throughout the entire 14-track mixtape, Prez PrimO balances the booming percussions of modern rap with the gritty, lyrically-conscious techniques reminiscent of a lost generation. Each track on this project carries its own atmosphere and gives off its own vibe, allowing audiences of all backgrounds to resonate with and relate to it.
In addition to his SoundCloud page, updates on his releases can currently be found through his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles.
Social Media Accounts:
Booking info:

New Single: J Tallie (@JTallieGME) - Love My Trap

Global Minds Entertainment artist J.Tallie releases the "Love My Trap" single produced by DJ Fury. J.Tallie is an artist on indie label Global Minds Entertainment. Growing up in Mississippi, Tallie was influenced by early pioneers of southern gangster rap and the likes of Tupac Shakur.

Get familiar:

Check out the full mixtape here:

@JTallieGME Twitter and Facebook

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MUST LISTEN! "I hate Average Podcast" is the hottest Podcast out!

Average Jay has brought you his views and opinions of an everyday Husband, Father, 9 to 5er from NYC with the "I Hate Average Podcast"! This has quickly gained many viewers with interviews with Haddy Racks, Ms. Liza and the Grynd Report while keeping viewers entertained with comedic relief. Click the link below to listen in now!

Sam Shoemaker "Not Another Love Song" ft. Bobby Watkins

D.V. Alias Khryst - Lights Out (Feat. Redman)

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hot New Music @JizzyMcKnight - I'm On The Way Prod. By @JohnnyBxngz via @iamsilviav_

Jizzy McKnight releases another energy filled banger that's guaranteed to find its way on to your playlists. Checkout Jizzy McKnight "I'm On The Way" now available on Soundcloud.
@JizzyMcknight @JohnnyBxngz
For Bookings & Features Email
Jizzy McKnight Recording Artist #TooFly4TheTrap

Friday, September 2, 2016

[Mixtape] @thegryndreport "Track Bully's 8" Hosted by @BWAKANE

The Grynd Report Continues to release banger off their Mixtape series Track Bully's. With this being their 8th mixtape they get Artillery South CEO BWA KANE to host this exclusive version featuring some of the hottest artist across the US

Lincoln Lac - "No Judge" (Official Video)

Lincoln Lac - "No Judge 

California rapper, Lincoln Lac, is back with this hot new video "No Judge". Directed by Project 2 Studios. Lincoln Lac is the fastest growing artist in California right now. - Get familiar.

[New Music] Neef Buck - Game of Thrones ft. State Property (prod by Tryfe) @Neef_Buck

Check out new music by Neef Buck titled "Game of Thrones" which featuring the whole State Property off the upcoming album "FDM8" set to drop on 9/5. A Straight Banger. Listen to hear for yourself whats about to go down.


Shaniel Rivera formally known by "Chanolock", is rapidly becoming a name that is buzzing throughout the East Coast and Caribbean Islands. Chanolock 22, is a Latino Artist of Dominican decent, who was raised in Bronx. Having been raised in the City of New York allowed Chanolock to grasp the World Wide culture known today as, Hip-Hop. Although, Hip-Hop having made an influence, Hector Jose Rivera, late father of Chanlock played a major role in the developmental process of whom Chanolock has become today. During Chanolock’s early years, pursuing a career in baseball, had been his goals and aspirations. Later, experiencing hardships, during his collegiate career.

Chanolock decided to shift his focus towards developing music, introducing hit single La Para. La Para, only having been released December, 2015, made its mark in a short 9 months, where Chanolock had caught the eyes of known familiar DJ Hova, brother of hit producer, J Traxx. After solidifying a name for himself, song La Para further caught the attention of New York’s very own Power 105.1 DJ Flipstar. Uptown New York, known to be the heart of Spanish Trap, had then awaited more Chanolock, where the released other hit (Millones Chanolock ft. Macotea), made clear he was here to stay. Having made his stamp with both La Para and Millones, DJ Flipstar decided to involve Chanolock in a major collaboration with matured artist, Young Dex and Internationally known Latino recording artist, Messiah.

In the collaboration, song titled “The Championship”, it has recently been selected as #1 song on The Hottest top 5 Latin Rap Italia chart, (www.reggaetonitalia. com). Since having acquired this collaboration, Chanolock has quickly expanded his resume, composed of featuring’s with artist such as, Fuego, Dynasty, Tali, Young Flow and Cristian Dior. As we progress into the near future, Chanolock is expected to compose new projects such as his very first mixtape “El Juego Cambio” hosted by DJ Flipstar and a video release for new song “No Amigos” ft. Cristian Dior. Chanolock has definitely exceeded the expectations of the many listeners and plans to continue providing the world with his great talent and unique sound. “The dream is never bigger than the dreamer”, a quote in which Chanolock stated, provides us fans with a better understanding of the genuine passion and motivation he plans to continue using to fuel his work. As he continues create, all we can do is stay tuned for what comes next.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sting Announces New Album and Single | @OfficialSting


Album Now Available for Pre-Order; Tracklisting Revealed  
First Single, “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” Out Now at all Digital Outlets
A&M/Interscope Records announces the release of Sting’s new album, 57th & 9th, his first rock/pop project in over a decade, on November 11.

Now available for pre-order, 57th & 9th represents a wide range of Sting’s musical and songwriting styles, from the ferocious, Road Warrior-style imagery of “Petrol Head,” to the anthemic, “50,000” and the raucous, guitar-driven first single, “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You.” The album was recorded with Sting’s long-time collaborators Dominic Miller (guitar) and Vinnie Colaiuta (drums) and includes contributions from drummer Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, Guns n’ Roses), guitarist Lyle Workman and the San Antonio-based Tex-Mex band The Last Bandoleros. Riding a wave of inspiration, 57th & 9th came together impulsively, with sessions completed in just a few weeks.

“It happened very quickly, very spontaneously,” he says. “My idea always is to surprise myself and the people I'm working with—and, hopefully, the listeners.”

Earlier today, he debuted “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” with a world premiere performance on the Kevin & Bean show at KROQ, LA’s premiere alternative rock station. The single is available now at all digital retailers.

The album, produced by Martin Kierszenbaum, takes its title from the Manhattan street corner that Sting crossed each day as he walked to the studios in Hell’s Kitchen where the recordings were done. Sting notes that if there’s a theme in the lyrics of 57th & 9th, it’s the idea of travel and motion, most apparent in “Inshallah” and the autobiographical “Heading South On The Great North Road.”
 “It’s about searching and traveling, the road, that pull of the unknown.” he says. “On this album, we ended up with something that’s energetic and noisy, but also thoughtful.”

Click here to view a clip of Sting talking about his new single and forthcoming album.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You
Down, Down, Down
One Fine Day
Pretty Young Soldier
Petrol Head
Heading South On The Great North Road
If You Can’t Love Me
The Empty Chair
*Also available in 180 Gram Vinyl

Includes liner notes penned by Sting + 3 bonus tracks:
I Can't Stop Thinking About You (LA Version)
Inshallah (Berlin Sessions Version)
Next To You with The Last Bandoleros (Live at Rockwood Music Hall)

Super Deluxe (Physical Only):

  • Includes 3 bonus tracks (I Can't Stop Thinking About You (LA Version), Inshallah (Berlin Sessions Version) & Next To You with The Last Bandoleros (Live at Rockwood Music Hall))
  • Liner notes penned by Sting
  • DVD featuring an exclusive interview with Sting
  • Live performance of Next To You with The Last Bandoleros (Live at Rockwood Music Hall)
  • Collectible Photographs  
“57th & 9th” eAlbum Pre-Order iTunes:  Google Play: Amazon:  Official Sting Store:
“57th & 9th” Physical Album Pre-Order Standard:
Super Deluxe: Vinyl:
 “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” eSingle
Apple Music:  Spotify:

source: Interscope