Friday, September 2, 2016


Shaniel Rivera formally known by "Chanolock", is rapidly becoming a name that is buzzing throughout the East Coast and Caribbean Islands. Chanolock 22, is a Latino Artist of Dominican decent, who was raised in Bronx. Having been raised in the City of New York allowed Chanolock to grasp the World Wide culture known today as, Hip-Hop. Although, Hip-Hop having made an influence, Hector Jose Rivera, late father of Chanlock played a major role in the developmental process of whom Chanolock has become today. During Chanolock’s early years, pursuing a career in baseball, had been his goals and aspirations. Later, experiencing hardships, during his collegiate career.

Chanolock decided to shift his focus towards developing music, introducing hit single La Para. La Para, only having been released December, 2015, made its mark in a short 9 months, where Chanolock had caught the eyes of known familiar DJ Hova, brother of hit producer, J Traxx. After solidifying a name for himself, song La Para further caught the attention of New York’s very own Power 105.1 DJ Flipstar. Uptown New York, known to be the heart of Spanish Trap, had then awaited more Chanolock, where the released other hit (Millones Chanolock ft. Macotea), made clear he was here to stay. Having made his stamp with both La Para and Millones, DJ Flipstar decided to involve Chanolock in a major collaboration with matured artist, Young Dex and Internationally known Latino recording artist, Messiah.

In the collaboration, song titled “The Championship”, it has recently been selected as #1 song on The Hottest top 5 Latin Rap Italia chart, (www.reggaetonitalia. com). Since having acquired this collaboration, Chanolock has quickly expanded his resume, composed of featuring’s with artist such as, Fuego, Dynasty, Tali, Young Flow and Cristian Dior. As we progress into the near future, Chanolock is expected to compose new projects such as his very first mixtape “El Juego Cambio” hosted by DJ Flipstar and a video release for new song “No Amigos” ft. Cristian Dior. Chanolock has definitely exceeded the expectations of the many listeners and plans to continue providing the world with his great talent and unique sound. “The dream is never bigger than the dreamer”, a quote in which Chanolock stated, provides us fans with a better understanding of the genuine passion and motivation he plans to continue using to fuel his work. As he continues create, all we can do is stay tuned for what comes next.