Monday, September 12, 2016

Video: @Jon__O - Lemons (Produced By @AmsterdamDidIt) via @iamsilviav_

Before Beyonce gave us her hit single 'Lemonade', NYC Hip-Hop artist Jon O brought us "Lemons" collaborating with the talented producer AmsterdamDidIt.

"When Life Hands You Lemons You Squeeze To The Very Last Drop
& You Drink To The Very Last Straw"

Even though it might be old to some, Jon O has been stirring a buzz straight out of Soundview Projects for a while. Everyone has been asking for more. You can tell that the gritty streets of New York and a share of life obstacles have molded him into bringing hunger to his sound & creativity. His flow is probably one of the best lyrically I've heard in a while, giving me that classic NY sound feeling.

He's working on a new project "Stating The Obvious" set to be released fall 2016 but before that, He will be giving his fans a small mixtape naming it "Before I Was iLL". A project put together of some old & some unheard sounds where you will definitely see the growth musically. He will be dropping that any day now.

I've been saying it for months now, make sure to look out for him! They say word of mouth is your biggest marketing tool & if you know me or follow me on social media you know music plays a very important role in my life. Jon O is not only talented & marketable he's giving you the real him on every project. Artist like that need to be heard, in a state of music where everything seems to be watered down I can appreciate his story - Silvia V