Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kid Wave - "Relax" | @wavegangkidvibe

In anticipation of his upcoming EP arriving on December 20th, Madison emcee Kid Vibe leaks out an A. Wash visual alongside Red and King Tazer urging viewers to kick back, subtract the drama and "Relax". An obvious smoker anthem, Kid and company offer up reefer infused lyricism with a splash of braggadocios swag. The Midwest connection is really felt by Vibe linking with Chicago video director, Arrisa Washington. She is able to bring the chilled vibe to the big screen while using red light filters and soft animated edits.

"Relax" is a great introduction to those unfamiliar to Kid Vibe and the Wave Gang collective. Producers Vibez & Vela utilize a live-sounding drum arrangement over keys layered with horns and choral samples. Sit back, roll up, press play and just "Relax" to the melody as presented by Kid Vibe.


Tweeze aka Twee-ze - "Parallel Universes" @tweezedoitez

South Carolina's Tweeze aka Twee-ze follows up his previously released "Who Cares" project with the eight track EP, "Parallel Universes". The album features the breakout hit, "Carolina Schemin'", a collab effort with Soul singer, CandaceK. For those unfamiliar to Tweeze's discography, his unique vocal tone consists of a distinct southern drawl full of a variety of harmonies.

He has a very chilled, laid back sound that will appeal to smokers and Hip Hop heads alike. Check songs like "Forest Fires" and "Hermetic Dreams" for prime examples to that statement. The theme behind this particular project is a parallel universe version of Tweeze, think of Jet Li's "The One" movie for a better visual understanding. You can now stream the entire "Parallel Universes" EP below, via Soundcloud.

Friday, November 25, 2016

#NewPodcastAlert Kingston Expressions by @kingston_jael via @svmarketings

Kingston Jael (JL) Michaels is an alias she is writing under. Kingston= her birth place of Kingston, Jamaica, Jael= her adopted niece's name...representing the next generation of Jamaican Americans, and Michaels= her father's name. Kingston Jael is a single, educated, and professional woman who graduated from the GREAT Pennsylvania State University! There is so much more to her but in order to separate her day job from this hobby, she is very careful not to reveal too much. My blog and podcast series cover LOVE, SEX, PASSION, FRIENDSHIP, and SPIRITUALITY from JAMAICA and beyond. ***In Loving Memory of Alice, Gloria, and her most recent angel, Michele Monique Johnson.

Kingston Jael Michaels
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Facebook: @KingstonJaelMichaels
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Monday, November 21, 2016

#NewMusic : @FillthyRichCrew - I Play To Win via @svmarketings @103rdstent

New Single from Fillthy Rich Crew's own Neeks and Beezo. Two Brothers from Red Hook Brooklyn on a mission "I Play To Win" to be one of the next biggest singles to come out of New York.

Instagram - @FillthyRichCrew @Neeks_gotem @Beezofr 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Taiyamo Denku Ft Knowshun - "CannonHands" @TaiyamoDenku @knowshun @dcypha

In a time where the art form of emceeing and battling seems to be slipping away, artists such as Taiyamo Denku & Knowshun emerge from the ashes, torch in hand, to carry on the tradition of true Hip Hop. Treating the microphone as if it were a firearm, the pair hop onto a sinister Dcypha production titled "CannonHands". Drawing inspiration from their prior battle circuit days; Denku, Cypha and Knowshun perform as if their very lives were on the line.

Cypha Den Music, a label started by Taiyamo Denku and Dcypha, has been on a barrage of nonstop releases in 2016. In late July they launched "Gutter Noise", a crew record featuring newly inked members, L. Majestic and Rambunxious. Then in mid-September, fans were treated to a visual portrayal of "Life Like This" featuring CDM artist Urban Legend and Mobb Deep affiliate, Big Twins.

"CannonHands" is available to stream via Soundcloud. It is also available for free download for all Hip Hop fans, see below.

  Taiyamo Denku is also currently performing at a venue near you in the Midwest region. Then, he sets out with fellow Cypha Den Music member Rambunxious for their "It's Our Time" tour. Both performance list flyers are provided below.



Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jardin Cannabis Dispensary Grand Opening Celebration w/ Snoop Dogg | @JardinCannabis @SnoopDogg

Jardin Cannabis Dispensary Grand Opening w/ Snoop Dogg /
Snoop Dogg at Jardin Cannabis Dispensary Grand Opening
November 8,2016 was a historic day in the state of Nevada, on that day The Nevada Marijuana legalization initiative was passed which means recreational use of marijuana or one ounce or less is legal for those 21 or older, Nevada has also been in the fore-front with the use of medical marijuana as well, and the premiere place for all things Marijuana is Jardin Cannabis Dispensary located at 2900 e Desert Inn Road suite 102 Las Vegas Nv 89121. On November 11, 2016 Nelson World Media representatives had the privilege of visiting this establishment, Jardin Cannabis had international recording Artist Snoop Dogg present for a Veterans Day event.   Jardin Cannabis is a state of the art dispensary with knowledgeable staff to assist any customer in their Marijuana needs, Jardin also have medical doctors on staff to assist patients who need marijuana for medical purposes.  Jardin Cannabis is also a handi cap friendly establishment and Nelson world Media and highly recommend anyone who need any Marijuana products to visit the Premier place for all things Marijuana in Nevada Jardin Cannabis Dispensary located at 2900 e Desert Inn Road suite 102 Las Vegas Nv 8912, you will not be disappointed  Jardin  Cannabis is a excellent establishment regarding all things Marijuana.
Jardin Cannabis Dispensary /
Jardin Cannabis Dispensary located at 2900 East Desert Inn Road suite 102 Las Vegas NV 89121
Jardin Cannabis Dispensary /
Paul "Media Mogul P" Nelson x Snoop Dogg
Jardin Cannabis Dispensary /

Phillip "Phillip Nevada" Nelson x Mark "Money Mark" Nelson x Snoop Dogg

Jardin Cannabis Dispensary /
Jardin Cannabis Dispensary located at 2900 East Desert Inn Road suite 102 Las Vegas NV 89121
Las Vegas' Finest Cannabis Establishment /
Las Vegas' Finest Cannabis Establishment

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Twitter: @JardinCannabis  
Instagram: @JardinCannabis

Review written by Paul Nelson for Nelson World Media and

Howlite - "Reasons" EP | @i-am-Howlite

Howlite is the reincarnation of Melbourne musician and visual artist Alison Thom. The moniker alludes to a mineral, thought to bear properties that calm the wearer and release old pains. In a way the shift is also a catharsis for Thom, who unburdens herself of her name and her folk roots to delve into pop music, a darker territory of layered vocals and synthetic sounds; freed from the past to create anew.

The Reasons EP, underwent many incarnations prior to its final release, including a session with Mark Lang (Skipping Girl Vinegar) and Nick Huggins (Two Bright Lakes), at the latter’s beachside studio, which set Thom down the path of using synthesiser samples and creating loop tracks. Inspiration struck with Melbourne artist and producer Michael Robinson, and the two set about creating a hybrid of sounds, taking elements from Scandinavian pop artists like The Knife and Aurora, the dreamy guitar fuzz and soft harmonies of Daughter and a homage to the grand scale drumming patterns of Florence and the Machine. The goal was to create something bittersweet – uplifting and emotional.

“The whole EP came about as a result of a huge breakdown I had in 2013,” Thom explains. “I basically threw out all my old songs, had a huge crisis of conscience and identity and slowly began to address all the elements of my personality I was unhappy with – depression and anxieties, my behaviour in relationships, my destructive tendencies. [The EP] was born from that; the constant and seemingly inevitable choice to walk into the worst situations for me, to volunteer myself as martyr or siren – deliberately leading myself or others into danger. I wanted to make a beautiful song about being a terrible person.” 

For Fans Of: The Knife | Aurora | Daughter | Florence and the Machine

The 'Reasons' EP by HOWLITE is available now via digital stores.

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Instagram - @howlitemusic
Twitter - @i-am-howlite

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#NewVideo @RonBrowz ft @Yesimprettyvee "PAPER" directed by @Demetrius187 via @iamsilviav_

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016

BET's One Shot Winner III (@numeral3) Drops New Mixtape, "Third Chapter"

III is the winner of BET's first-ever talent competition, One Shot. One Shot had over 10,000 rappers come out to audition + compete for $100,000 & A Record Deal. One Shot featured weekly guest judges such as T.I., DJ Khaled, RZA, DJ Drama, Tech N9ne, Twista & Remy Ma. The main judges were KXNG CROOKED, King Tech, Mike Smith, as well as host Sway Calloway.

During the show, III was able to collaborate with certified platinum producer DJ Pain 1 on two tracks which helped push him to his victory. Shooting a video for "Ferrari," III painted a graphic visual which was able to captivate the audience. "Payoff" was his final performance, in which he dressed as Jesus and had a full choir assisting with the hook. His final performance was enough to push him ahead and crown him the champion of One Shot.

III's ideas and creativity are one of a kind, and you can hear that throughout "Third Chapter."

Heres a video from the show:

Follow him on social media: