Wednesday, July 12, 2017

[NEW MUSIC] LP New Wave "Black Love/My Depressions

LP New Wave is a hip hop artist who adores beautiful women on a higher level. Making love is not the only thing that infatuates him. His new single "Black Love" lyrically challenges females to have more class, be independent, and embrace their heritage. In his eyes weaves are not needed. LP New Wave does not believe that black woman have to look like a European to be sexy. That's a gift we were born with. 

A girl who is ride or die, educated, has big dreams, keeps it real, has nice skin, a great body, gets to the bag, holds her own without the help of a man, and loves her self, is the person who is special enough to be with this star. He definitely paid homage to Lauryn Hill with this one.

Toward the end of the record, LP New Wave shares some of his deep depressions. The mental battles he face inside has him questioning himself and God. Everyday he prays to be able to escape having to deal with these vultures, who try living off his energy in hopes that he doesn't prosper. His mother tries to instill in him that each expert is a blessing. 

Check out this record people and let everyone know your thoughts about it. LP New Wave looks to make a difference in the hip hop world and community.