Tuesday, February 28, 2017

@NAACP Exposed For Secretly Supporting Trump

I have no words for this ... I do but I will allow Intercept.com to say it as they have done so in very professional manner

Intercept reports that the NAACP is taking money from donors and also writing affidavits to the court to support Trump's agenda

LEADING CIVIL RIGHTS groups who for many years have been heavily bankrolled by the telecom industry are signaling their support for Donald Trump’s promised rollback of the Obama administration’s net neutrality rules, which prevent internet service providers from prioritizing some content providers over others.

The Obama administration’s Federal Communications Commission established net neutrality by reclassifying high-speed internet as a regulated phone-like telecommunications service, as opposed to a mostly unregulated information service. The re-classification was cheered by advocates for a free and open internet.

But now Trump’s new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon attorney, is pushing to repeal the net neutrality reform by rolling back that re-classification — and he’s getting help not only from a legion of telecom lobbyists, but from civil rights groups.

In a little-noticed joint letter released last week, the NAACP, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, OCA (formerly known as the Organization for Chinese Americans), the National Urban League, and other civil rights organizations sharply criticized the “jurisdictional and classification problems that plagued the last FCC” — a reference to the legal mechanism used by the Obama administration to accomplish net neutrality.

Instead of classifying broadband as a public utility, the letter states, open internet rules should be written by statute. What does that mean? It means the Republican-led Congress should take control of the process — the precise approach that is favored by industry.

None of the civil rights groups that signed the joint letter responded to a request for comment.

It’s not the first time civil rights group have engaged in lobbying debates seemingly unrelated to their core missions, but in favor of their corporate donors. At a time when OCA received major funding from Southwest Airlines, the group filed a regulatory letter on behalf of the airline in support of Southwest’s bid to open flights at Houston airport. The NAACP, after receiving financial backing from Wal-Mart, helped the retail chain during its contentious bid to open stores in New York City.

Telecom issues, however, are a particular specialty. Last week’s letter was organized by the Multicultural Media, Telecom & Internet Council (MMTC), a group funded by the telecom industry that has previously encouraged civil rights groups to oppose net neutrality. MMTC in previous years reported receiving about a third of its budget from industry-sponsored events; its annual summit, which was held last week, was made possible by $100,000 sponsorships from Comcast and AT&T, as well as a $75,000 sponsorships from Charter Communications and Verizon.

MMTC, which acts on the needs of telecom lobbyists, has been accused of “astroturf lobbying” by creating the appearance of grassroots support for the industry.

The civil rights group opposed to net neutrality have employed several arguments against the proposal. In one filing made in 2010, the NAACP signed onto an argument from MMTC that net neutrality reforms were a waste of resources because the FCC should focus on “more pressing racial discrimination and exclusionary hiring and promotion practices of certain Silicon Valley high-tech companies.” In a separate filing in 2014, MMTC and the NAACP argued that reclassification would threaten the “fragile state of minority engagement in the digital ecosystem.”

While advocating against net neutrality, the organizations on the joint letter have raked in money from the telecom industry.

The NAACP, which signed letters opposing net neutrality both times the rule was proposed by the Obama administration, has named AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast as corporate fundraising partners. After the NAACP endorsed Comcast’s merger with NBC, Comcast disclosed that the NAACP was one of the the recipients of $1.8 billion in funds doled out to various community groups.

The Asian-American groups on the letter, including OCA and Americans Advancing Justice, have similar ties to the largest telecom firms. Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, a trade group for the telecom industry, are listed as members of the “Corporate Alliance” of donors funding AAJC. Comcast and Verizon sponsored OCA’s annual gala last year.

The National Urban League received $1.2 million from Verizon in 2014 alone. As the Center for Public Integrity reported, senior officials from AT&T, Verizon and Comcast have held positions on the National Urban League’s board.

Net neutrality activists are crying foul.

“Net neutrality is based on a communications law that guarantees vital nondiscrimination rights,” said Jessica J. Gonz├ílez, the deputy director and senior counsel of Free Press. “This joint statement may seem innocuous but it actually endangers the communications rights that have empowered people of color to tell our own stories, organize for racial justice and earn a living online.”

“The Congress that tried to destroy net neutrality once would only weaken it with legislation that fails to adequately protect those it is meant to serve,” says Malkia Cyril, the executive director of the Center for Media Justice. She noted that the civil rights groups that signed the letter are now calling for putting the future of the internet “into the hands of a GOP Congress that just appointed white supremacist Jeff Sessions to be attorney general.”

Activists have expressed alarm at the pace at which Commissioner Pai has already axed reforms enacted by the Obama administration. In his first days  as chairman, Pai rolled back an attempt to regulate overly expensive prison phone rates, got rid of the proposal to allow more competition for the cable box market, and blocked nine companies from providing low-income families with discounted high-speed internet services. Observers believe net neutrality is next.

But Kim Keenan, the president of MMTC, the group that organized the joint letter, has showered Pai with praise. “He is really focused on closing the digital divide. As an advocate, I feel so much pride that that it is a priority for his chairmanship,” Keenan told Multichannel News, a trade outlet.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fortune Boomin Is The Take Over @GirlHeboomin

Fortune Boomin In today's society the probability of becoming successful in the music industry that manifests into a long-standing hey will also career Which most have high hopes that success will be accompanied with earning enough money keeping them from clocking into a job they find less than fulfilling. I

Independent Djs have an extremely hard getting their big toe in the door, much less a whole foot Boomin however ever isn't considering the statistic as he recently launched his own label. which has been celebrated by the masses and positive attention and the next big King of the mixtapes. especially where he is based, Maryland, Virginia area.

Fortune is certainly the getting the right attention and wants to top walk in the footsteps of Dj Khaled. who Boomin, considers a role model in Fortune’s own words “literally my only competition down the road will be Dj Khaled and I look up to Dj Khaled.”

Friday, February 17, 2017

[Single] Ovadoze - Jammin' (Prod by Pacman) @TheRealOvadoze

Mystic's Entertainment artist Ovadoze brings you brand new heat that will have the streets & Clubs 'Jammin'
Prod by Pacman

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Twitter & IG @TheRealOvadoze
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mixtape: Driving The Bus Vol. 2 Hosted By @BigBrotherBiz

MB Media / MicrophoneBully.com Presents “Driving the Bus” Vol.2 Hosted By Big Brother Biz. This project is for promotional use only and features various Artist. For more info contact Micbullyblog@gmail.com

Music: Nino Lucas ‘Drownin’ Ft. Tom G – @banklan4lyfe s/o @enew901

Real life experiences is what made Nino Lucas create this song, anytime to can find a loyal woman who love you as much as you love her it could be a million different beautiful women but you only want that special one. Check Out "Drownin" Today featuring Tom G.

[Single] Tony Solar - Dope (Prod By Mixxproduction) @TonySolarSG​

Since summer of 2016 Broward County Artist, Tony Solar took advantage of the spot light shed upon his city through the Kodak black wave putting together an artist showcase ft a few upcoming broward talents where he premiered his single dope which is predicted to be one of the hottest songs for spring & summer 2017. Here is his new single Dope produced by mixxproduction whom he collabed with on his 1st single on it ft. Acehood. With a unique sound and style the Jamaican native @TonySolarSG is definitely one to follow as he works is way to the top as another one of Florida's talented elites.

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[Single] Johnny Oz - Amigo (Prod By The Magnificent) @Johnnyozmusic

It's no secret that Broward County, Florida artist JOHNNY OZ buzz has been growing like crazy. After coming off a tour with YG & Lil Durk, the entire country is starting to pay attention to him along with other artists from Broward such as Kodak Black, XXXTentacion, Koly P, & Ace Hood. Here is his new single AMIGO which is sure to be one of the hottest songs of the Spring & Summer 17! @johnnyozmusic may be Florida's next star! Follow him now.


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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mizzo Drops His Highly Anticipated Mixtape "YungBoyMusic4"

This year is the year where Mizzo will make everybody across the globe familiar with his name and brand "Yung Boy Music" aka YBM. With his new highly anticipated self entitled mixtape Vol 4. On this project he speaks about the groupies trying to leech off his success, the haters who never supported, becoming known off his hard work, the loyalty he has for his team, staying away from the negativity, and making sure his daughter is always good. Life wasn't always a walk in the park for this young superstar. He was one who came from the streets, but refused to be defeated by the darkness surrounding him. The pain and suffering he faced throughout the years, is one of the main reason why he created some of the realest classics you'll hear on this mixtape. Although Mizzo is apart of Fabolous camp "The Family", riding another person wave has never been a straight of his. He believes with all his heart that he can become famous on his own. Recently he told me he feels with the right team players, there is no place or level he can't go and reach. I definitely agreed with him and fully stand by his movement. It's only a matter of time before you see him everywhere doing everything you seen Loso do plus more. Make sure you all check out this exclusive project and share with your people. Real hip hop is still here and Freck Billionaire collaborated with Mizzo on the "Money On Hold" track after hearing some of his work. On the real, this is what NY sounds like!!!

Download Mixtape Here